In the absence of a mask, a woman wears a Buzz Lightyear helmet to go shopping

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Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, and Kelly Hogan Painter, a 35-year-old mother, understands this perfectly.

The woman from North Carolina, United States, had to urgently go to the supermarket, but since she had no facea mask, she improvised and used her children’s Buzz Lightyear toy case.

A nugget emergency

Kelly has a two-year-old son with autism who has very serious sensory problems with food, and chicken nuggets are one of the few foods he eats without problem, but at home, they had run out of their favorite dish.

As if this were not enough, in previous days, the health authorities of North Carolina had announced that the use of the face mask was mandatory to prevent the spread of the virus, and in the home of the Hogan Painter family, they were not yet supplied with the product. The mother had to think fast.

Buzz Lightyear or Chewbacca?

Her little ones are fans of Toy Story, so it was easy to find the perfect toy that would protect her on her way out to the supermarket: a Buzz helmet!

The decision was between the space superhero Chewbacca or a plastic bag, but it was more practical for her to go “to infinity and beyond!”

A mother is not afraid to make fun of herself

She knew that by setting foot outside her house with such a strange accessory, people would look at her strange, provoke a few laughs and even take videos. And although all this happened, it was more important to her that her son eat and a few minutes of shame would not stop her.

My son would have his chicken nuggets as if my own life depended on it. I love my family more than I love my reputation.