Is it good to drink water with lemon on an empty stomach?

There has been much talk about whether it is good to drink water with lemon fasting. There are nutrition professionals who consider that it offers no benefits, and others do not see it badly.

Let’s look at some of the things that are discussed about it for you to take your conclusions.

With healthy habits, it can be useful.

Many professionals agree that drinking water with lemon as soon as you wake up can reduce our weight as long as we complement this with healthy habits. That is, having a healthy breakfast, exercising, quitting smoking, we can see improvement in our health because we have stopped doing something “negative.”

Alternative to other harmful drinks

What can be positive about drinking water with lemon is that it is a healthy drink, that is, it is not harmful like many others, such as certain soft drinks that carry a lot of sugars and gas.

Reduce infections

Other nutritionists say that this drink in aid can prevent the risk of infections because it increases antimicrobial defenses. We all know that citrus fruits and foods rich in vitamin C help our defenses and protect us from colds, especially in winter.


This drink can hydrate us, but in the same way, water can do it alone. What happens is that if we get used to this ritual in the morning, we are also establishing routines so that we hydrate when we may not be accustomed to it.

Give more flavor to the water

While there are not many more benefits of drinking this drink, what we can experience is a somewhat different taste rather than drinking plain water that sometimes we get bored of.

It is an easy drink to prepare

Unlike other more complicated juices and drinks, it is really easy to prepare. So it is recommended for its simplicity, especially when we wake up. But the ideal is to accompany this drink with a good breakfast so that we do not lack nutrients. That is, under no circumstances should water with lemon replace a full breakfast or snack.

What do you think?

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