Is it safe to wear contact lenses during Covid19?

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Nothing is sure about the coronavirus. Therefore, taking extreme precautions is a kind gesture. Is it safe to wear contact lenses during Covid19?

Well, one of the questions is related to sight. The glasses should be cleaned with soap and water, what is not clear is what we should do with the lenses.

Some studies and articles on the subject conclude that there is really no evidence that contact lens wearers have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

We must follow good hygiene and maintenance of the lenses in general and more these days. That is, you have to wash your hands well before touching and handling the lenses, as well as their casing, and regularly wash the glasses with soap and water.

Furthermore, we should not touch our mouth, eyes, and nose without first washing our hands, as indicated by the WHO.

If you have tested positive for a coronavirus test, then it is determined that contact lenses are not worn at this time, and glasses are worn. Contact lenses can be resumed after the infection is overcome, and with new lenses and cases.

But as we have already said that not everything is sure in this disease, because new things are discovered every day, it is noteworthy that we take extreme precautions. So perhaps it is better, according to some specialists, not to put the lenses, leave the glasses and opt for the disposable lenses to protect our family and us.

As a result of these doubts, Matteo Piovella, president of the Italian Ophthalmological Society, made it public that because of this pandemic, those who usually wear contact lenses, it is better that now they should put their glasses on. Because a study established that the virus is capable of surviving up to five days in silicone rubber, this material is used to make a large part of the lenses that we have on the market today.