Is this photo of a real dog or a statue? The controversy breaks out in networks

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From time to time, images appear on the internet that confuse us, such as sports shoes or dresses that some saw in one color and others in a different color, do you remember?

A new challenge for your eyes has arrived for you, now with a dog that confuses the world: is it a real animal or just a very well-made statue?

A new photo appeared and showed a dog of the Xoloitzcuintle breed, whose main characteristic is that they have no fur, which makes them look amazing.

Several think that it is a beautiful specimen of this breed, while others assure that it is a statue made with marble and by a great artist.

Look at each detail calmly so you can decide if it is a real animal or a very realistic creation. Here you have the image that is disturbing social networks.

What do you think? The smooth and shiny fur makes one think that this is a very well done garden ornament, while the details for others is the evidence that it is a real dog.

However, the controversy was soon resolved since the person who shared this photo, Sara Pineda, from the Philippines, explained that it is Piper, her two-year-old dog.

Many consider this breed “ugly,” so the fact that they mistook their dog for a statue pleased Sara, who gained thousands of followers by sharing the photo on Instagram.

In this photo, it seems that it says: “Ha, I tricked them.”

In case you think it is a statue and they stuck a tongue, here is another photo.

Have you convinced yourself yet?