Italian Carnival Spawns Another Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Nightmare

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For 147 years in this country, the Viareggio Carnival has been held whose main attraction is the statues of great proportions that represent all kinds of animals, characters and celebrities. Here size does matter, and this year the giant who took the palms was this Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although this two-kilometre route is usually filled with figures alluding to art and general culture, this time the popularity of CR7 led him to have his own statue 20 meters high. Well, what he does on the courts is something like art, don’t you think?

On his own allegorical car, in front of a large structure and with an IDOL sign, this great effigy could move his arms, legs and turn his head a little. It was quite a show.

The figures of this Viareggio Carnival are modern versions of the Trionfi  (war victory feasts), which were celebrated by making great statues of the war heroes who had defeated their rivals. That is why the giant CR7 wore huge silver armor, referring to the colors of Turin Juventus.

Of course, the resemblance of the face was not so exact, and many fans of the star complained, but being honest was much better than the horrendous bust they once made to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thousands of people were able to admire this gigantic “Bug”, and here we have a gallery with photographs that have been shared by users on social networks.

1. The “Bug” in all its greatness

2. An idol of height

3. Imposing

4. This is how the greats are celebrated

5. Everyone was excited to see it

6. That was his face