Italy begins to see the light: the curve of new infections decreases

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After China, Italy is one of the countries that has been most infected and killed by the coronavirus outbreak; their figures amount to more than 60,000 infected and more than 6,000 dead so far. In the face of such a contingency, Russia sent ten planes from its air force with medical experts and equipment to help combat the pandemic.

Finally, after having a bleak scenario in recent days, Italy sees a bit of light, and the figures indicate that it is overcoming the worst phase.

The contagion is decreasing.

In the last days, the number of tests applied has increased, about 93 thousand people have been evaluated since Friday. Compared to the previous week, the number of new cases diagnosed has decreased day by day by up to 60%. 

The Health Minister of Lombardy (the most affected region in Italy), Giulio Gallera, officially announced that the downward trend is confirmed:

We can say that it is the first positive day. This is not the time to sing victory, but we finally see the light at the bottom of the tunnel. We are already exceeding the peak of the so-called contagion curve.

Contagion cases have gone from 3,900, which were registered on Sunday, to 3,700 this Tuesday. This Monday Lombardy registered the lowest growth rate of infections in all of Italy, with 5.72%. On the other hand, the relative increases are currently taking place in Rome with 11.63% and in the Emilia Romagna region, the latter with 12.97%.

Unfortunately, the losses continue.

Gallera announced that 601 people had lost their lives in the last 24 hours. This figure is not good, but it is less than that registered on Sunday when 651 deaths were recorded. During Friday there were 627 deaths and on Saturday almost 800.

Health workers also caught

According to a study carried out by the Gimbe Foundation, with data from the Higher Institute of Health, when the pandemic started, 4,824 health workers were infected, almost 9% of the total. The institution considers that the figure is below reality, since constant examinations are not carried out on those who are working in hospitals.

Russian aid went to Italy.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin sent a total of 14 Air Force planes with military and adequate equipment to help combat the disease. There are about 100 medical-military specialists, in addition to diagnostic equipment, a military laboratory and 20 disinfection vehicles. The planes landed at Pratica di Mare, about 30 kilometres southwest of Rome.

According to these figures, the population in the communities where the contagion is in the early stages is still recommended to follow the protocols established by the government, since it is to prevent the spread in their region.