Japanese students graduate from Minecraft due to coronavirus quarantine

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The coronavirus has taken over the world, and not because of its rapid spread, but because it is the news of the moment dominating world headlines, so much so that some have to adapt to the new regulations that the quarantine has left in their countries.

Many of us are still working, studying, going out and celebrating, but some countries have asked their inhabitants not to go out and cancel all kinds of massive events where many people are concentrated, and that may put the lives of others at risk, as in Japan, where schools are closed and will probably be closed until the end of March.

In addition to missing their regular lessons and school activities, many disappointed children and youth will also miss special moments such as school events and graduation ceremonies.

However, a group of primary school students from the Hakuba village, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, were determined to celebrate their graduation by being all together, even if they couldn’t be there in person.

With the graduation ceremony canceled, this group of friends decided to take action and organize their own party through Minecraft, a virtual world building game where players can connect online and play together in one session.

On March 14, a Twitter user named “backwennew” shared photos and videos of his son participating in virtual graduation from elementary school, just as he had imagined: with his friends.

Although written in Japanese, the snapshots are accompanied by a message: “We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together! Oh Amazing. The elementary students gathered to do their own ceremony.”

Despite staying home for much of their day, the boys were able to mark this academic milestone together without the apparent help of their teachers or adults, devising everything themselves and getting down to business.

Together they built a virtual brick auditorium in this famous video game, created a host, read a speech and, of course, delivered the diplomas, just as they would at royal graduation.

According to the person who shared the tweet, the kids were online all day, laughing, playing, and having a lot of fun. The proud father was also amazed at the great work the children had done in designing this auditorium and planning the event.

After his video went viral, the user spoke to different online media where he added: “This is brilliant news that illuminates a grim social situation. I want everyone to know. I also hope that a new perspective will open up in the way video games are perceived.”

Congratulations to this group of creative students for their original graduation!