Jeff Bezos named world’s richest man for the third consecutive year

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos won the title of World’s Richest Man for the third year in a row despite losing $ 36 billion worth of shares in his divorce last year.

Can you imagine losing so much money and still having enough to be wealthier than the rest? What’s more, just imagine having $ 36 billion; you go crazy with the amount he lost.

The 56-year-old man reached the top of the Forbes World Billionaires List, a magazine that noted how the current situation with the coronavirus had affected millionaires. Even with the current economic crisis, this man has surpassed the rest and has been crowned as the one with the most money.

Bezo’s current net worth is 113 billion, 18 billion less than last year. However, the loss is not as dramatic as it could be, as, as we were telling you in the beginning, after his divorce, he transferred 36 billion of his shares to MacKenzie Bezos as part of his divorce settlement last summer.

Despite being filthy rich, Amazon’s chief executive seems determined to keep that wealth, as he faced criticism last month after asking the public to donate to The Amazon Relief Fund, which was created by the company to help its employees and partners who continue to work despite the health contingency for COVID-19.

“How is your company worth over a TRILLION dollars and you want the public to donate to an employee relief fund?! As if Amazon can’t pay their employees themselves!” 

Despite the aforementioned $ 18 billion loss, Bezos is still miles away from Forbes runner-up Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $ 98 billion. The other personalities who reached the top of the list are Bernard Arnault, with 76 million; Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet with $ 67.5 billion; and Oracle founder Larry Ellison with $ 59 billion.

Alice Walton, an heir to the Walmart fortune, is the richest woman in the world and ranks 9th overall with $ 54.4 billion to her credit.

It should be noted that Forbes initially calculated the wealth of these millionaires 12 days before the list ended, and at that time, 226 people lost their billionaire status. The site explained the following:

As the coronavirus outbreak tightened its grip on Europe and America, global equity markets exploded, bringing down many fortunes.

As of March 18, when we finished this list, Forbes counted 2,095 billionaires, 58 fewer than a year ago, and 226 fewer than just 12 days earlier.

Wow! Yes, things change from one day to the next. Billionaires who managed to retain their nine-figure net worth were also affected, with 51% being “poorer” than last year.

Despite the loss, those who made the list still don’t have much to worry about, considering they are all still billionaires. The world may be going through uncertain times right now, but the one who is rich is rich.