Jennifer Aniston conquers this season with ideal mini skirts for everyone

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The miniskirts, was a symbol of freedom for adolescents of the 60s, but today is no longer an exclusive garment for young women, now women up to 40 years and older, survey results. This is confirmed by Jennifer Aniston, among other celebs.

Normally, women stop using this fashionable outfit when they reach 30 years of age at the latest, but the trend has changed, as shown by the survey of the British conglomerate of Debenhams stores.

According to this survey, which evaluated the age profile of miniskirt buyers, the exercise culture in the United Kingdom has made older women have the confidence to show off their legs beyond 40. Also, to be inspired by artists like Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, among others.

According to the survey, the young women up to 23 years of age prefer skirts that measure only 31.7 centimeters, while those between 23 and 27 choose the pieces of 35.5 cm.

Moreover, the weather is not an obstacle to using the short style of skirts, which show high sales figures during the year.

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, 35; Elle Macpherson, 46; Cindy Crawford, 43; Jennifer Aniston, 40; and Courteney Cox, 45; they are fans of “the mini,” the British newspaper Daily Mail said.

Skirts below the knees are mainly bought by women over 45 years, but if the trend continues, “there is no doubt that in the next decade, women up to 50 years will have a mini – skirt as part of your wardrobe,” said Ed Watson, spokesperson for the retail store.

Why is a miniskirt ideal this season?

A miniskirt gives the sensual touch to any outfit, so it is not advisable to take it to work. There are other options more suitable as a pencil skirt or a midi that will give you an appropriate image for your workplace.

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