Jennifer Stone teams up as a nurse to take on the Covid-19

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Actress Jennifer Stone announced on social media that she will join the fight against COVID-19 as a nurse and hopes to rise to the awareness to help control the pandemic.

Stone is known for her role as Harper Finke, Alex Russo’s best friend in Wizards of Waverly Place. When the series ended in 2012, the actress withdrew from the spotlight, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and chose to study a university career focused on the health sector.

I just hope to live up to all the healthcare providers on the front lines now as I prepare to join them.

Stone shared a photo on her Instagram account, showing the progress she has made over her years of nursing studies. She was first a volunteer, later she was accredited as a nursing student, and she is currently a resident nurse.

The actress is sharing her experiences in her Instagram stories, advises wearing face masks, and following sanitary measures to flatten the contagion curve.

Goodbye to searchlights!

But Stone is not the only actress facing the pandemic. Clara Alvarado, a Spanish actress, known for the role of Ariadna in Netflix’s Money Heist, also paused her acting career to practice as a nurse in Spain.

It is not a time for criticism or political competition, or putting certain attitudes on our faces, but to contribute useful content to make the situation more bearable for everyone, and help as much as possible so that this crisis passes as soon as possible without doing more damage than there already is.