Judge sentences animal abusers and punishes them with what they did to them

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The law exists to protect rights and freedoms; what many people forget is that the law protects not only human rights, but also those of animals. However, we constantly hear stories of animal abuse where abusers do not receive any type of punishment, and there is a judge in the United States who decided that this type of negligence will not happen in his city.

The judge of the municipal court of Painesville, Ohio, Michael Cicconetti, was tired of the animal abusers having little or no punishment. Since fines and penalties are made to encourage the population to comply with legal behavior, he issues unusual amendments to teach abusers a valuable lesson that they will surely never forget.

The defense of Judge Cicconetti for animal rights is based on his love for them. The man remembers falling in love with animals when he received his first dog, named Herman, a cute and funny Dachshund. From there, he promised to respect and care for them. Today he has a ten-year-old Bernese mountain dog named Kasey.

Judge Cicconetti does not dictate dangerous or illegal sanctions to abusers, but rather punishments that cause them discomfort and shame, and make them learn the lesson by receiving a spoonful of their own chocolate.

As an example, we have the case of a woman who abandoned 35 kittens in the forest. To help the offender realize the seriousness of her actions, the judge sentenced her to spend a single night in the forest. During the hearing, he said:

Would you like to be left in a park late at night? Would you spend the night listening to the coyotes to the raccoons that surround you in the dark? Would you like to sit out there in the cold, not knowing where you are going to get your next meal? Not knowing when you will be rescued?

The judge always makes sure that the sentences he dictates are appropriate for the crimes committed. 

We may not have the power of Judge Cicconetti, but it is in us to protect the rights of our pets. If we want to support for our dear and furry companions, we can start spreading awareness and denouncing the abusers of our locality.