Justin Bieber wants to protect Billie Eilish so she doesn’t go through the same thing he does

When Justin Bieber started as a singer, he was only 15 years old. However, success did not come to him alone, as his career was growing, so did his addictions to different substances, depression and some diseases. He is currently fighting against everything that has affected him for so many years and at the same time, prepares to return to the stage.

With all these experiences, Bieber does not want other new talents to go through the same as him, especially Billie Eilish. Yes, during an interview, the singer said that he wants to protect her colleague from everything bad that exists in the music industry, so she doesn’t have to go through anything he lived through.

Between tears, Justin said he will take care of his colleague

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During an interview with Zane Lowe, the singer talked about several difficult aspects of his life, in addition to the projects he wants to develop in the future and about the singer Billie Eilish. He remembered how he met her during the Coachella festival and then broke into tears.

With broken words, the singer said he wants to protect her from any danger, especially because there are many in the music industry:

I just want to protect her, and I don’t want her to lose control, I don’t want her to go through what I went through. I do not wish it to anyone. If she needs me, I’m a call away.

Now they are best friends.

Billie was a follower of Justin’s work for years, even before she was famous, she sent a message to his Instagram account, but he didn’t notice. It wasn’t until Billie achieved success thanks to her song Bad Guy that her friendship flourished; A few months ago they managed to get together to release a remix of the popular song.

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