Katy Perry looked radiant with her pregnant belly and we didn’t notice!

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Katy Perry has just announced her pregnancy, but a while ago she showed her pregnant belly, and we didn’t notice it with these looks.

Katy Perry is excited, and the last thing we know about her is that she will soon become a mother. However, she had already shown herself in front of cameras, but her looks did not show that she already had a baby with her.

And this is her first son with Orlando Bloom, she revealed in a live stream on Instagram, showing that she knows perfectly how to hide the belly with looks.

Katy Perry and the romantic dress of February 14

One of the most recent times Katy has been seen was the romantic February 14. On that date, the singer was in charge of wearing a romantic dress in pale pink, long and completely baggy, with which she perfectly concealed her pregnancy.

Also wearing a fur coat on top, nobody imagined that she was waiting for a baby.

Katy and her looks in American Idol

For her recordings in American Idol, Katy had no better idea than wearing oversized garments, a perfect style to avoid wearing a tight body and avoiding suspicion.

On the first occasion, she took with her an oversized set, consisting of a jacket in coral color, tailor style, which she accompanied with baggy pants, perfect for the formality of the occasion.

On another occasion, she opted, again, for an oversized pink dress with a print that framed the waist, but left the skirt completely loose, perfect for not doubting anything.

She risked with a tight style

If we thought it was only oversized, we were wrong. There was an occasion when Katy took the risk of wearing a tight dress with a deep neckline and a cut heart. However, she knew how to hide her belly perfectly with the help of his clutch, the perfect accessory to conceal without problems.