Kim Jong-un reveals that there is not a single confirmed case of Covid-19 in North Korea

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Strangely, in its closest neighboring country, South Korea, the numbers of those infected with the coronavirus are in the thousands, and the North Korean government says they have none.

Obviously, this has sparked international doubt, but the Kim Jong-un government insists that the virus has not been able to enter his country.

Speaking to The Diplomat, the Kim Jong-un regime claims that the efforts that have been made have allowed for not a single case.

Party officials and power bodies, workers organizations, and those working in the field of public health and epidemic control across the country have pushed the hygienic information service on the worldwide spread of Covid-19 and preventive and treatment measures between people, so they never feel relaxed about not having a single case of Covid-19 in the Republic of Korea.

—The Diplomat

Jung H. Pak is a former CIA agent who has been working in North Korea and says that Kim is most likely lying and hiding information about the coronavirus in his country.

For his part, General Robert Abrams, commander of the United States Army in South Korea, pointed out that there has been no military activity in that area, which may indicate that the virus is present although they are denying it.

What I do know is that their armed forces have been fundamentally locked up for about 30 days, and have only just begun their training routines. For example, they haven’t flown an airplane in about 24 days.

—General Robert Abrams

Although the North Korean government indeed indicated at the time that it kept more than 6,000 of its citizens under surveillance, now it turns out that none of them has been infected.

A rumour also circulated strongly that the military would have executed at least one citizen who became ill with Covid-19, although this is unconfirmed information.

This has triggered the alerts of the world community, as several are denouncing human rights violations of people in North Korea, but due to the ostracism of this nation, it is difficult to really know what is happening.

We really hope that the information from the Kim government is true and not an attempt to cover up what is happening in that part of the world.