Lego is making 13000 face visors a day to protect healthcare

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At some point in our childhood, we played with Legos; with them, we learned to build castles or small cities, and thanks to them, we let our imagination run wild. Now, the Danish brand of building blocks took a totally different turn and paused for a moment from making toys to help combat COVID-19.

The company is not only donating money to deal with the global crisis; Its factory in Billund, Denmark, is manufacturing 13,000 visors to help medical workers protect themselves when caring for patients with coronavirus.

Lego announced its latest work

Through their Twitter account, they announced that the Lego Group is grateful to all the workers in the health sector and that for this, they will equip them with masks and protective equipment.

They work at forced marches

The company gathered all its resources to make more than 13,500 visors per day. They converted six model machines to produce them at the Billund factory in Denmark.

In two weeks the production will be higher

The company also mentioned that it would make more than 58,000 medical visors that will be ready in two weeks if necessary.

They are made with security measures

The masks have been tested by hospital personnel to verify that they are resistant and can protect adequately. More than 100 Lego employees work 24 hours on this project; Furthermore, they are thinking of expanding their production to other factories, starting with Hungary.

Social media users are reacting in the best way

That is why you are one of my favorite companies. I love you guys.

You are amazing.

This is a cool Lego build!

Amazing! Thank you very much, Lego Group, for thinking of all of us!

Some companies are contributing their grain of sand; the rest of the people we can contribute if we stay at home.