Lily Collins shows us how to achieve a pretty look

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Lily Collins has not only captivated by her excellent way of acting but also because every time she steps on the red carpet in an excellent and elegant style. 

A couple of months ago, Lily was shooting the movie Emily on the streets of Paris, and she did it with the best combinations of outfits and accessories that a girl could do. Collins teaches us that it is worth doing a mix of colors, prints, and accessories to achieve a stunning look.

1. The dress no longer has to be totally black

Embroidery on transparencies allow the dress to be eye-catching and easily combined with accessories of different colors; Also, it also looks very sophisticated and stunning.

2. The secret of wearing a dress is in the accessories

Lily showed that dresses with neutral colored prints have to add wide belts and brightly colored shoes; the first to highlight the waist and the second to attract the eyes from the feet to the head

3. Match of prints, colors, and trends

Wearing clothes of only one color or two is already in the past, today is to combine all the prints and colors you find in the closet, the secret? Place them in specific places, for example; animal prints are carried on the parts of the body where you need to stylize the figure more; In Lily’s case, she wears them in a miniskirt that extends her legs. In the upper part, a plain top and more patterned on it so that it attracts attention, that does have to be colors that harmonize with each other. Finally, ankle boots or shoes that combine more with the blouse.

4. Never miss a beret in your outfit

For framing your face, it will give a plus of color to any garment you wear, especially if it is coordinated with black and white prints.

5. Carrie Bradshaw is also an inspiration

The polka dot top, the nude skirt, and the printed bomber look nice if worn together. Don’t forget the bag; it’s something Carrie and Lily would use.

6. Yellow and black, the perfect match

These colors fit any skin type. The cut of the dress accentuates the hips and lengthens the figure. Lily found that the way to highlight black is with a wide suede belt.