Little boy convinces his family to adopt grandpa from the street

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For many of us, our grandparents are like our second parents; We spend a great part of our childhood and life living with them and learning from their wisdom and advice.

However, many other people do not have the privilege of having in their lives the presence of a grandfather to accompany them in their day to day, but to Tiziano, a little 4-year-old, he solved that in a very kind and loving way.

Titian has a heart of gold

Tizi is a little boy who lives in Paraná, Argentina and currently goes to kindergarten, and for this, every day on the way to school his mother buys him biscuits, and one of those days Tiziano observed a man on the street, so who asked her mother to buy him some food and deliver it to him.

The story began with a small lunch

Tizi’s mother bought him biscuits and a sandwich, the boy was in charge of giving them to him and, in addition, asked if he was happy.

Tano, the older adult, thanked him for the gesture and told him that he needed some clothes and shoes because it was cold at night, and his shoes did not help him to walk any more.

Good people are more

After that occasion, they did not see Tano again until after 15 days, so Tiziano’s mother decided to take Tano home and then decide what would happen to him.

Given this opportunity, Tizi could not miss it and proposed to his parents the option of adopting him, so the man would have a home, and he a grandfather from whom he would learn a lot.

Tano’s life was not easy

Tiziano’s family accommodated a room for Tano in case he decided to stay, and after accepting the attentions and the opportunity that the family offered him today, he can say that his life has turned 180 degrees.

My daughter took my house from me and then left me lying on the street, all for leaving with a man, but today I am missing nothing, and I thank them deeply from my heart.


Now Titian and Tano spend a lot of time together reading and caring for the plants in the house.

A privilege to have a family and a grandfather in it!