Little Girl Loses Her Beloved Teddy At The Hotel, Staff Documents Its Adventures Before Shipping It Back Home

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We all had a favorite toy when we were little, be it a doll, a stuffed animal, or even a ball, which was our faithful adventure companion and protector at night.

We wanted him to accompany us to absolutely all the places we visited, and when we lost sight of him, we believed that it was the end of the world. But what you don’t know is that sometimes they have incredible adventures without our company.

A little oversight turned into an adventure

Juniper is a little girl of just 2 years old who has as an adventure companion her teddy bear named Ruff Ruff, who is really very adorable, but unfortunately, she stayed in a hotel after her family went to a soccer tournament.

Ruff Ruff had stayed at the hotel

After the soccer tournament, Juniper’s family returned home, but it was too late when they realized that they had left Ruff Ruff at the hotel where they had stayed.

And had fun in a way that few know how to do

Although he was not next to Juniper, Ruff Ruff enjoyed the time at the hotel, as he had the opportunity to sunbathe by the pool and get a little tan.

Helped out as a receptionist

Although it wasn’t all fun, Ruff Ruff also helped the hotel staff attend to guests arriving at the venue.

 Juniper wanted him back home

We know that any child’s favorite toy is special, so Juniper’s parents contacted the hotel to find out if they had seen it and were able to get it back. That is why before returning home, Ruff Ruff slept well to have all the energy possible for future adventures with his owner and confidant.

Ruff Ruff was one of the best guests

Days after the family contacted the hotel, a package came to Juniper’s house that had a big surprise, it was Ruff Ruff’s return, and not only that, but he had a letter especially for the little one:

Dear Juniper:

Thanks for allowing us to have Ruff Ruff for a day! He was a great help at the hotel. Don’t worry, he didn’t work too hard, and we gave him a lot of fun time. I miss you a lot! Thanks again, and we hope you and Ruff Ruff visit us soon.

With love, the Hilton DoubleTree Midlothian team