London hospital ‘collapses’ due to high number of coronavirus patients

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The numbers that coronavirus is leaving are constantly increasing. As of March 26, the number of infections by Covid-19 exceeds 494,180 worldwide – although it is estimated that there are many more. The death toll rises to more than 22,266 people, and more than 119,785 people have overcome the disease. The World Health Organization has warned that the pandemic is “accelerating,” and the United Kingdom has imposed more drastic measures: the isolation will initially be 3 weeks.

21 of the 87 coronavirus deaths occurred Tuesday at a single London hospital

London is the British city where the virus is spreading most rapidly. Only 21 of the 87 deaths in the UK on Tuesday due to coronaviruses occurred in the same London hospital. The new deaths reported yesterday Tuesday represents an increase of 26%. They constitute the largest increase in deaths since the start of the outbreak.

The patients lost their lives between Friday and Monday at Ealing Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital in northwest London. A spokesperson for the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust in Harrow told healthcare staff that they had run out of intensive care beds at Northwick Park Hospital. So on Thursday, the mobility of patients with coronavirus was requested from nearby hospitals.

There are already more than 9,849 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom

There are over 9,849 confirmed cases in the UK. The country just out of the European Union registers a total of 477 coronavirus deaths, and 135 recovered. 

Authorities are confident “to see a large number of cases in the Intensive Care Unit ” and are intensifying support in response to this demand. In addition, the Northwick Park Hospital spokesperson stressed the need for everyone to contribute “by staying home and washing their hands.” From the NHS, they have affirmed that they are working to provide hospitals with more means and tools to control infections.