Make-Up Artist Carries Out A Job Through The Letterbox To Avoid Touching Her Client

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In the midst of this pandemic that we are experiencing there are people who demonstrate that nothing can stop them when it comes to beauty, but there are also artists who fear getting contagious, and that is why they do the work from their homes, but not as you imagine, but in a way very bold.

This makeup artist is serving her clients with a door in the middle, she only takes her brushes and work materials through the slot in the mailbox, and from there she applies makeup.

Better safe than sorry

Tracy Graham was worried that she would not be able to continue serving all the girls who already had a makeup appointment due to the quarantine, but that did not stop her, and she even joked that she was determined to remain calm and continue.

After thinking of various plans to keep her appointments without being face to face with her clients, she had the brilliant idea of ​​using the front door as a barrier.

It wouldn’t be an easy job, but someone had to try

Tracy knew it wouldn’t be very functional, but she still decided to give it a try and shoot a fun video. To test her idea, she first placed a makeup brush through the mailbox and tried to do her own makeup.

Not concerned with isolation

She really wasn’t nervous about the pandemic, but she was concerned about the impact that self-isolation was having on society, and in her Facebook account, she mentioned that she believed it was like having a cold or the flu and that she had to follow the protocols that had been indicated.

Everyone should laugh from time to time

She also added that, with the coronavirus spinning, she decided to laugh a little, so he put the brushes through the mailbox.

I would have to avoid contact in order not to get the virus, but this really wouldn’t work, I just did it for a little fun. I managed to apply some makeup, but I didn’t do a good job, no one would really do it this way.

The video was uploaded to her TikTok account, where she has received more than 10,000 views so far. Tracy definitely knows how to laugh in a stressful situation, but she also invited social network users not to panic to follow the hygiene guidelines to avoid more infections.