Man and woman in Argentina became parents without being a couple

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A common friend joined two people who wanted to be parents, but for one reason or another, they could not find the one to fulfill their dream.

At 38, Virginia Laino began a fertility treatment to be a single mother by choice, after 18 years of professional career at the International Red Cross, because she decided that she did not have time to bet on love and wait for the plan to emerge have a child.

On the other hand, Braulio Bauab was in a couple with a man, but when he got the desire to raise a son, he knew he wanted him to go with a woman. After researching, he discovered that there is an option called “coparentality” (agreement between two people to have and raise a child without being in a partner), and he knew that he needed a female who wanted to put it into practice.

After two years of Virginia trying to get pregnant, a friend talked to her about Braulio, but it wasn’t so easy for her to give in to him:

I had a hard time making an appointment with her to tell her what coparentality was.

With the passage of time, the meeting was achieved, and four months later, a fertility treatment of high complexity called ovodonation began. Virginia became pregnant at the first attempt.

So that both could participate in the care of pregnancy and their daughter when she was born, they rented an apartment. Months later, Vera arrived in the world.

After a year and seven months, the relationship is stronger than ever, and both Virginia and Braulio are happy to have a daughter in common, even if there is no relationship between them.

“I expected someone to fulfill the role of mother and I as a father, nothing more, but a very strong bond was created. We have no sex but a very special bond. It goes beyond friendship. Now we are family,” said Braulio.

Little Vera sleeps four days a week at her mother’s house, three at her dad’s, and one night a week, they have a family dinner all three.