Man built a bar in his own garden so he didn’t have to leave the house to drink

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They cannot scold you for leaving the house to go to a bar if it is in the courtyard of your home. It is called a strategy, and this man from England put together his own homemade canteen.

Having a man cave is a great idea, but a much better one is having your own bar at home. You save gas from the car; you can choose your favorite music and drinks, and customize the place to your liking. This was done by David Schad, 41, in his garden shed.

This man was given a small wooden construction to be mounted in the yard and used as a warehouse. However, when he saw the structure, it transpired to him that he could use it better than simply to store his things. He got down to work and ended up having his own bar.

David installed a bar with seats, dispensers, and a beer machine. He also added a room, an arcade video game machine, a television screen, heating, and even a jukebox.

It was a dream that came true with only $ 1,950 in total, as much of the decoration and furniture were donated or he recycled them. For example, the bar floor was created using non-collectible vinyl to give it a retro touch.

Most of the furniture and bar equipment were kindly donated by friends, most of the electrical items came from supply bins in various DIY stores, and everything: from lights and heating to the TV, is controlled by voice.

Although his bar is quite personal and very exclusive, he called The Deep Inn Cider, and now he can enjoy his favorite drinks whenever he likes and less than 10 meters from his home in Bedfordshire, England.

Personal bars at home are the new trend in home decoration, and it really is a great idea. That way, you don’t need permission to go out, and you don’t have to apologize for drinking in your own garden.