Man Demands His Wife Pick Between Him And Her Dogs

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One of the most difficult things we have is to make decisions that make us choose between two beings that we love deeply, which means moving away from one and staying only with good memories.

And this is the case of Liz Haslam, an animal lover and who is responsible for rescuing and caring for puppies in a street situation.

How did it all begin?

Liz’s stories began since childhood because her love for animals was something that has always been present in her life.

On the other hand, there is her beautiful romance, because she met the love of her life at the age of 16 and at the end of school they arrived at the altar to be married for 25 years and have a common son named Ollie.

After their marriage, Liz moved to the country house of her husband Mike’s parents, who were in Barnham, Suffolk, which had more than 2 square kilometres of free land, so many would say it was enough space for a life with free recreation for the upbringing of her little Ollie and family life.

However, none of the wonderful things they had in their love life was enough to make the relationship triumph over all obstacles and ended in divorce.

What was the reason for the separation?

Having so much free space in the house they lived in, Liz decided to start a business that would fill her with satisfaction and love rather than financial gain. This is BedForBullies, a foundation that gives shelter to bulldog terrier dogs in a street situation.

However, Mike felt that now Liz’s life revolved around animals because some of them have medical and behavioural problems, and he felt that now his marriage was going to the background. It made her choose between her marriage or the shelter.

“The dogs or me,” said Mike

After several situations in which Liz prioritized the dogs, Mike got fed up, and he faced his wife and asked him “the dogs or me”, so Liz says that since then she has not seen or knows anything about Mike.

I thought that, after 25 years, he should know that giving up dogs was not at all part of my intentions. He knew from the moment we married what it was. —Liz Haslam

Was the divorce caused by BedForBullies?

It really wasn’t like that, Liz had grown up in an environment where there was always contact with animals because her mother raised West Highland Terriers and her father owned an animal feed business.

She also said that things were not going well with Mike. He was very involved in his work and left me no choice. I didn’t want to be a woman of a workaholic man, so I took refuge in who did care for me: my dogs.

—Liz Haslam