Man unearthed a 50’s car that was in his garden and wants to find out whose it was

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While working in his garden to build a shed to store things, John Brayshaw discovered an old car buried in that area of ​​his house in the United Kingdom.

It was just six months ago that he moved to this area of ​​Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, and by digging to install some panels, he made the discovery that, paradoxically, is now a mystery.

While digging, he felt something hard, and as he removed the dirt that covered him, he discovered that it was a car, apparently a Ford Popular 103e from 1955-56.

This car, as its name says, was very popular in the UK, as it was an inexpensive and great performance. It was produced in this country from 1953 to 1962 and was known as the Ford “Pop”.

For 50 years, the couple who lived in this house before John never mentioned anything about it, or never did anything in the garden beyond mowing the lawn.

Since there are no more details, it is not known for sure why he has a car buried on his property, although there is a suspicion that it may be a question of spies.

I have been told that at the end of World War II, there was a strong influx of people who used to work for the Secret Service. They have suggested that the color of the car is known as “RAF gray” (Royal Air Force). The house has a full cellar, which is under a hatch.

I can’t find a trace of the registration patent anywhere, and it seems that there is no registration available for the car, which is also strange.

The fact that there is no record and that the appearance of the vehicle suggests that it has been buried for more than 50 years seems to indicate that it is the car of a Secret Service agent, who probably wanted to disappear all traces of its activity.

On the other hand, although John initially thought digging to get the car out himself, it won’t be that simple, so he will have to hire heavy machinery to get it out, as the mystery continues.