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Mark Cuban On The Cusp of Another Financial Bubble

As of today, Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is worth an estimated $4.1 billion, according to Forbes. While the majority of this wealth can be attributed during the dot-com era, he is a born entrepreneur and has been buying, trading, profiting and schmoozing his way to success from a young age. From his first business to today, here’s how Mark Cuban got rich

Mark’s first business after university was MicroSolutions, a computer company which he sold after seven years to CompuServe in 1990 for a tidy sum of $6 million. Mark decided to use that money to retire and, for five years, lived the life of a party boy – he bought a lifetime pass on American Airlines and flew around the world in a quest to see as many countries as he could.

Five years later Mark’s retirement ended by a desire to listen to his former university’s basketball team’s games. Along with a partner he started AudioNet, which soon expanded to broadcast not only the Indiana Hoosiers games but hundreds of sports channels and radio programs, as well as product launches and fashion shows. The site, later renamed, was one of the first internet radio sites in the world and when it had its IPO in 1998, the stock got caught up in the dot-com frenzy and soared from $18 to $62.75 in a single day. was later acquired by Yahoo! now Altaba (AABA) and Mark took in $1.7 billion in Yahoo! stock. He accurately foresaw the dot-com bubble burst and began to option and liquidate his Yahoo! stock as a means to protect his wealth.

Now he is betting big time on Bitcoin and exploiting the loop holes that made him rich in the first place. There has never been a better opportunity to exploit a financial bubble than bitcoin and Mark Cuban has publicly declared that Bitcoin is a bubble.

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