Meme of Africans dancing with a coffin: who are they?

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In recent weeks, the video of Africans dancing with a coffin has gone viral. Thus, all kinds of theories have emerged about who they are, and there are many who think they are relatives of the deceased. 

But no. Those who appear in the video are actually “pallbearers.”

It is a regular job in Ghana, and they are dedicated to loading coffins to the rhythm of the music.

When a young person dies, it is very hard, but if the person who dies is an older person, these types of acts are prepared to celebrate life. In the past, porters simply carried the coffin on their shoulders, just as they do in Europe. 

However, it is increasingly common to accompany it with music. In addition, porters have stopped wearing black at funerals to bet on increasingly colorful outfits.

After death, the first day is organized in the family’s home. It is the second day when porting takes place. Usually, porters wear the same color that the family selects for the suit of the deceased person. In the most sober ceremonies, the color chosen is almost always black. Instead, when you want to celebrate life, you opt for red or white.

How much does this service cost in Ghana? In exchange, about 140 euros. Also, when the family considers that the people who are going to the funeral are not enough, they hire extras who cry and dance. To this amount, we must add other funeral expenses. 

It is striking that in Ghana, where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line, there are those who spend up to 10,000 euros to celebrate a funeral.

Now you know more about the meme of Africans dancing with a coffin that has gone around the world!