Mexican boy uses his savings to produce masks and donate them to medical personnel

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The only way to get out of a crisis is by joining forces and doing everything in our power to help each other, from staying at home and obeying sanitary orders, to using our skills to take care of others, such as Jorge Martínez Gracida does.

At just 12 years old, this boy from Oaxaca, Mexico, created protective masks so that health workers are protected against the coronavirus and can continue helping more people.

A great little hero

Through Facebook, his sister Gigi announced the great work of the little one, who came up with this initiative in a disinterested way because he not only created the prototype of the masks from scratch but used his savings to manufacture them.

A couple of weeks ago, Jorge found out that doctors are really exposed to contracting the virus even when wearing face masks since it spreads through particles that come into contact with the mouth, nose, and eyes. It was with this in mind that the project began.

Works day and night

Last Christmas, Jorge asked for a 3D printer to make his own toys, and he never imagined that he would end up using it to help Humanity.

Now he works day and night to meet his goal and can be from 10 in the morning until 2 in the morning doing 10 masks. His parents, even, must ensure that the child rests between days because he is so committed to the mission that he does not care about the time it takes him, but to fulfill his promise to the doctors and nurses.

It is a great inspiration!

It has already delivered the first batch of its creation to the High Specialty Regional Hospital, and the Oaxacan Women’s and Children’s Hospital, both intended to serve coronavirus patients severely.

His altruism even inspired his friend Licypriya Kangujam, an eight-year-old activist girl from New Delhi, India, who borrowed Jorge’s prototype to make masks and donate them in her own country. Even actor Demián Bichir contacted the family to help him pay for the material necessary to continue production.