Mexicans block border to prevent Americans from entering infected with Covid-19

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It looks like something out of a movie, and the roles are reversed on the border of Mexico and the United States. Hundreds of American residents seek to enter Mexico to stock up on food in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an unprecedented act, Mexicans now demonstrate by blocking the border in Nogales, Arizona’s main entrance to Mexican territory.

A line of vehicles lined up at the San Ysidro sentry box when the US government announced the partial closure of the border due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

With banners held by locals where phrases such as “Stay at home” or “We demand the closure of the border” were read, the town of Nogales manifested itself at the main entrance to the line of separation between the two territories.”

The assistants demand that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador restrict the entry of Americans and that they must be tested for COVID-19 to verify if they are infected or not.

“It is not possible that they are dividing American citizens, countrymen; although they are family, they are brothers, but unfortunately in some states of that country this pandemic is growing enormously,” said one protester.

As of today, Sonora has 3 cases of coronavirus, while its American neighbor, Arizona, already has a count of 508 infections and 6 deaths.

The flow of Americans entering Mexico increased after March 20 when the closure of the border by Donald Trump was announced.

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