Miss England returns to her job as a doctor to help with the pandemic

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On many occasions, many people have told us that we cannot be good at two or more things, leaving us only with the option of looking for a single dream and working for it until it comes true.

But there is a girl who shows us that we can be good in as many things as we want, and in addition to that, she gives us a lesson in humanity and unity that is just what the world needs right now.

She has two great passions

Our protagonist is Bhasha Mukherjee, 24 years old, who has lived in England since 2005 and, in addition to a great love for beauty and fashion, is a doctor with a specialty in respiratory medicine.

She is Miss England 2019

Just a few months ago, Bhasha participated in the Miss World show, in which she took the crown with the title of Miss England 2019, and was later invited to participate as an ambassador for different charities that provide humanitarian aid, so there was a pause in her medical career.

I was invited to Africa, Turkey, then India, Pakistan, and several other Asian countries, to be an ambassador for various charitable works.

—Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019

The intention was to help everyone who could

The tour to which she had been originally invited would end in August, and some of her visits were to abandoned girl’s schools and homes where she made donations; but during March, as she continued to maintain contact with her colleagues at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, England, she knew that the situation was becoming increasingly difficult due to the high numbers of contagion by COVID-19.

When you’re doing all this humanitarian work abroad, you’re still expected to wear the crown, get ready, she looks pretty, but really what she wanted was to go home. I wanted to go and go directly to work.

—Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019

I make the decision that my heart dictates

Knowing that the country that had adopted her for more than 10 years was experiencing a crisis like that, she contacted the hospital where she worked and asked for her position back, since she wanted to help in any way she could.

There is no better time for me to be Miss England and help England in a time of need.

—Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019

She is ready to continue helping

Although it was difficult for Bhasha to get a flight back home, but she did, and although she will first have to spend 2 weeks in isolation before being able to return to the hospital, she knows that her help is most needed in England, so far the Kingdom has registered 65 thousand cases of COVID-19 and 7,978a deaths.