Model with Down syndrome conquers Fashion Week in New York

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Fashion Week in New York is one of the most significant events for those who are fanatics of clothing. This year designers and owners of major brands are making parades that seek to break stereotypes and therefore are calling for inclusion.

Sofía Jirau is the model that is receiving all the attention, not only because of her incredible beauty but because she has Down syndrome and is fulfilling one of her biggest dreams: parading for big brands.

Sofia is an independent girl.

Her mother, Mimi González, raised her to be an independent woman, never overprotected her even though she was born with different abilities. Since she was little, Sofia dreamed of modeling for the most famous catwalks in the world, but she also wanted to be a singer and dancer, so her mother enrolled her in the modeling school in San Juan, Puerto Rico; there they taught her to walk and have all the key acts of a model.

This 2020 finally, his wishes came true.

Since 2019 she began her career parading with several Puerto Rican designers, especially with Kelvin Giovannie. A year later, Marisa Santiago invited her to participate in her runway during New York Fashion Week.

On February 8, she finally stepped on a catwalk in a professional manner, and all eyes focused on her and her dress with animal print.

She is excited to be part of fashion.

Through her Instagram account, Sofia shared how excited she feels to be part of such an important event:

I fulfilled my dream. I was born for this, and I want to show the world that I have everything a model needs to shine. One day I looked in the mirror and said: ‘I’m going to be a model and I’m going to get to New York’, and look, here I am. I made it, and now I want to model worldwide.

She is also a businesswoman!

Thanks to the Down Syndrome Foundation of Puerto Rico, which has encouraged young people like Sofia to fulfill their dreams, the new model has also managed to create her own company, called Alavett, in charge of selling t-shirts, wallets, caps and even accessories for the home. This is definitely Sofia’s year.