More than 412,426 people have beaten the coronavirus around the world

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At the time of writing this article, 1,804,698 people infected with the coronavirus have been confirmed, of whom 110,871 have unfortunately died.

Within those alarming figures, there is also some encouraging news, such as the fact that 412,426 people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 have already recovered.

Measures of staying home, experts say, have let the virus not to spread uncontrollably, and it also allows healthcare workers to have a greater ability to treat infected patients.

Although it is true that in some places the control of the disease has gotten out of hand, it must also be recognized the enormous effort that has been made so that more than 412 thousand people have been able to overcome the complications of COVID-19.

Remember that these are official figures, and just as in the case of those infected, it is believed that the number of those who have recovered is also much higher, since there are people who have not had any tests or who do not have symptoms.

Of course, talking about more than 110,871 deaths is terrible, but when compared to the number of infected and those who have recovered, it is a low mortality rate.

Doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers, security guards, custodial personnel, and other workers in health institutions have not left their posts; on the contrary, they carry out strenuous working hours.

Likewise, we have seen people who share food, who forgive the payment of rent, who give pantries to their workers, in addition to guaranteeing the payment of their wages without producing, and all that effort makes the conditions not more serious.

For all of them, on behalf of those who have recovered, from those who have received care and the benefit of their goodwill, we unite and say: Thank you!