Netflix reveals the true story that inspired the ‘All the Bright Places’ movie

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We know this very well; many famous works, whether literary or cinematographic, were created from real events, and despite the fact that writers, directors, producers, and screenwriters are very good at managing creativity and imagination, many times stories that have happened also deserve to be counted.

And this time, we were surprised by the writer Jennifer Niven, from the famous best seller All the Bright Places, a work that was recently released on the small screen thanks to Netflix, but behind how moving it becomes, there is a real story that deserves to be told.

What is it about?

The touching story tells us about two teenagers. On the one hand, there is Violet, who goes through a depression picture after the death of her sister in a car accident; And on the other is Finch, who despite looking like a normal, extroverted and energized boy has problems that he doesn’t talk to anyone about, but he always tries to see the good side of life, until one day he couldn’t do it anymore.

It is based on a real story

The author of the play, Jennifer Niven, spoke about one of the most difficult events she has had to face, and it was the death of her literary agent in 2013, which represented a very hard blow for her since they had been working together for approximately 15 years. And about a relationship she had in her adolescence with a boy who suffered from bipolarity, and that made her see life from a different perspective.

Her inspiration and also her motivation

During that time Nieven was finishing writing about a project that had started since 2008, but she felt exhausted and was not emotionally or creatively ready for new projects, in addition to the fact that during that same time she remembered that adolescent relationship, which she had always wanted write but was not sure about it, so when her editor died, she remembered what he had said at the time:

Whatever you write, do it with all your heart.

—Jennifer Nieven Literary Editor

Violet and Finch was born to help others.

After she finished writing the novel, Jennifer assured that her intention was to capture in the story all those situations that various adolescents live, touching on topics such as bipolarity, depression, bullying, and others that become a torment for each of them. 

So what I was trying to do was find a way for young people of that age to identify themselves and talk about these issues with a little more freedom and even with the comfort of being able to ask for professional help on those issues.