New Year’s Eve: Get to know these technological tips to get low cost travel tickets

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The year is ending, and thousands of families or groups of friends are already planning to travel. Exploring new places is always a great plan, and now, thanks to technology, you can get air tickets without spending too much.

And here in this article, we will tell you about 6 technological tips so you can get low-cost travel tickets and enjoy the holiday season. Take note! 

Use applications and / or comparison web platforms

Applications or web comparison platform are a good alternative if you want to get tickets at a low price. In these, you can find a varied offer of passages that you can compare to find the most suitable proposal for your pocket. Thus, you must analyze thoroughly in which comparison platform you are going to buy since you will find some with a great offer, but little quality and security in their services. Then, you must make sure that it works with the leading companies in its sector and ensure a safe trip.

Google Chrome: Incognito mode and delete cookies

After searching online travel tickets, did you get publicity about what you’ve been looking for? This is due to cookies that are like a fingerprint that you leave on your electronic platform when browsing a website. This is used by companies to offer related products, altering the price many times. Deleting this after each search will allow you to access more reasonable prices. Another alternative is to buy your tickets in Incognito Mode, which is an almost anonymous search online, avoiding cookies.

Subscribe to the newsletter and follow them on their social networks

Transportation companies often have loyalty campaigns that provide benefits, such as discounts, to the traveler. These are usually disseminated through their social networks or their newsletter. Being subscribed to these will allow you to know about these and take advantage of traveling. 

Use airline miles for discounts

As part of the loyalty programs of the airlines, they have miles or points that can be redeemed for trips or reduce the rate of one. 

Earning frequent flyer miles can land you free flight or discounted one.

The most primary way to get points is to fly often and with the same carrier company.

Analyze your purchase: travel light and book round trip separately

Many travelers believe that tickets are cheaper if they book a round trip together; However, this is not always the case. If you buy two routes separately, it can be cheaper than buying it together, so you should analyze your purchase well. Also, there are transport companies that charge if you carry luggage, so you should plan well what you will take with you. Maybe if you’re leaving for a couple of weeks, it’s best to travel light.

Take advantage of eCommerce campaigns such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday

During the year, there are several e-commerce campaigns, and in these, various transport companies take the opportunity to offer tickets with incredible discounts. Plan your trip well and buy with time during the dates in which these campaigns are carried out. The money you save can be invested in your travel bag.