Lack of Exercise Put 1.4 Billion People at Risk of Deadly Diseases

Time to do some physical activities guys!

Source: Medical Xpress
Source: Medical Xpress

Looks like a lot of people in this planet need to do some form of exercises to avoid dying early. A recent study conducted by the World Health Organization show that more than 1.4 billion adults are putting themselves at heightened risk of deadly diseases by not getting enough exercise.

Based on the data released by WHO a third of women and a quarter of men worldwide being at risk for killer conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer which can be avoided if they include exercise in their daily lifestyle.

The WHO study noted that a lot of people are feeling a level of comfortably towards a sedimentary lifestyle. To avoid dying early, the WHO said that adults should at least do 150 minutes of “moderate-intensity” exercise such  as brisk walking, swimming or gentle cycling every week, or spare about 75 minutes to do “vigorous-intensity” activity such as running or team sports. The study has tracked the activity levels of 1.9 million people in 168 countries across the world since 2016.

The researchers also discovered that there had been no improvement in physical activity levels since 2001, despite numerous public health initiatives extolling the benefits of exercise. More than a quarter of the world’s adults (1.4 billion people) were insufficiently active.

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