Woman Suffers Severe Pain & Paralysed Fingers After Playing With Phone For a Week

A lesson to all!

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Always remember too much of everything is always bad.

A woman from the Hunan capital of Changsha in China landed on the hospital after suffering from severe pain and paralyzed fingers after she decided to play her cellular phone for a week.

According to reports, the woman had taken a week of holiday from work but decided that instead of travelling around, she wanted to rest at home. During the whole week, she spent it lazing around at home with her smartphone practically glued to her hands when she was awake. She only put her device down so her hands could rest when she went to sleep every night.

However, she started to have serious pains in her right hand and one day when she woke up, she found that she could not move her fingers. She said that her fingers were stuck in the position she held her smartphone and was unable to bend her digits.

Afraid that it was something serious, she went to the hospital to seek for treatment where the doctor diagnosed her with tenosynovitis, the inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath surrounding a tendon caused by repeating the same motion every day.

Luckily, she managed to regain normal movement in her hand after the doctor treated her condition. He advised the generation today not to be so obsessed with their smartphones and to allow their hands to rest instead of being constantly glued to the things happening in the tiny screen.

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