Paraguayan athlete got a Tokyo 2020 tattoo and now looking for someone who will modify it

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Everything was ready for the Olympic jousting in Tokyo this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to delay it until 2021.

Many were already preparing everything from promotional items to skin marks to remember this moment, such as a Paraguayan athlete who had already had a Tokyo tattoo 2020.

Since September 2019, Derlis Ayala, a specialist runner in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters flat, has earned the right to participate in the 202nd Tokyo Olympics.

As it was a special moment for him, he decided to tattoo himself to remember him forever, not knowing that everything would take a turn and thanks to a virus.

The Olympic rings, the name of the city, and the year were tattooed on his calf, and as you can imagine, he is now asking for help to have it modified.

July 24 was the start date of the competitions in the capital of the Rising Sun, but due to the pandemic that has spread almost everywhere in the world, this will not be the case.

Derlis remembers that since he went to tattoo, he was told: “What if they change cities?”, Since in Asia, it was where the virus first arose and spread at the end of last year, and hence the name of the coronavirus that emerged in 2019: COVID-19. He probably thought that nothing as big as what we’ve seen would happen, so he moved on.

Now he is asking some tattoo artists for help to modify the one that was made. Through social networks, they have given him several ideas, such as simply putting a “1” instead of “0”.

He is also advised that zero becomes an “O” and thus begins the word “One”, so that “202One” remains, and voila!

Only the world wars had managed to get the Olympics canceled, and now the coronavirus caused them to be postponed.