Photographer captures three bears dancing and looks like a Disney movie

Do you remember the scene in which Harris, Hubert and Hamish, Merida’s brothers in Brave, eat the cake she leaves in the kitchen and transform into three cute cubs? Without a doubt, the trio became the sweet touch of the film.

Now, as if it were a movie scene, photographer Valtteri Milkahaiunen captured three little cubs dancing and playing in a forest in Finland. The images were captured in 2013, but a few days ago, they were shared on social networks, gaining popularity and melting hearts with their tenderness.

I think I’ve seen three cute bears.

Valtteri, a physical education teacher, is passionate about nature and looks for the opportunity to capture the wildlife of forests in Finland.

During a trip, he found three little cubs, and what caught his attention was the way they live together, they seemed to play and dance in a circle, so he approached cautiously to photograph them, and the result falls in love with the internet.

This is the magic of nature.

They were playing and even started some friendly fights. I felt like I was in a playground in front of my house, where young children have fun. In a moment, the three rose on their hind legs and began to push each other. It was as if they were dancing in a circle.

In Finland, bears can be found in almost all green areas; however, they tend to hide from humans, so the fact that Valtteri has obtained these photographs is magical.

Please invite us to play!

Bears are strong and agile animals that are usually seen as dangerous beings, but these little cubs show us that they are also innocent, fragile and playful beings, whom we must care for and respect.

It is a wonderful event; those bears behaved like children, innocents and small children.

The most beautiful family on the planet

By the way, the mother of the cubs was present at all times, watching over each one of them, giving them love, security and falling in love with the Internet with her beautiful family.

What do you think?

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