Pitbull kisses to newborn baby [VIDEO]

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According to expert recommendations, parents should never leave their children alone with dogs classified as “dangerous” to avoid any tragic end. However, Maui owners ignored the explanations and ended up posting a video on YouTube.

Gracelynn’s parents turned on the alarms of the netizens after capturing the moment of “fun” that their loved ones starred in: daughter and pet.

In the clip, you can see the dog playing with the purest innocence that could be observed, but when the huge pit bull was licking his human friend, his mouth almost went away, generating a moment of tension among those present.

However, the owners of Maui tried to forget what happened, knowing that their puppy had been training not to be violent despite its roots and characteristics.

After uploading the content to YouTube, the views increased abruptly, but the comments were swift and called attention to the “irresponsible parents” for allowing your child to have that kind of closeness to the pet.

“He eats it with kisses. Well, rather licking”, is the name that describes the video that has become viral because it has a ‘negative content’ that endangers the integrity of a newborn baby.

We must remember that it is preferable not to sin as confident as these father figures to avoid receiving comments on YouTube or any other network.

What kind of pit bulls are there?

  • American pit bull terrier. The pit bull breed par excellence officially recognized, and from which other varieties derive whose difference lies mainly in the color of the fur.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American staffordshire terrier.
  • Bull Terrier
  • Cobra.
  • Blue nose pit bull.
  • Red nose pit bull.
  • American bully