Postman Is Doing His Deliveries In Funny Costumes To Cheer People Up

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Jon Matson is a great father to two boys, an athlete who occasionally enjoys cycling, and also the man who found a way to cheer other people up during confinement by COVID-19.

The West Boldon, a UK postman, dropped his uniform and traded it for extravagant costumes. Every day the residents of his delivery route look out their windows to see how Matson will appear dressed; it is certainly helping them relieve stress during these difficult and dangerous times.

Every day is a new costume

Jon has been a mail carrier for four years and previously worked as a bus driver, so he has always had to work on the streets. During an interview, he mentioned that he really likes his trade.

I love being outdoors and meeting people.

He knows all the people in the neighborhood very well.

He has had the same route for approximately two years, which is why he has come to know all of his clients very well. For him, they are fantastic people, and he is proud to deliver the letters in the same area where he lives.

Before the outbreak, I had a common routine.

The day the curfew was announced, he went about his normal routine, not expecting that everything would change the next day. He put the mail in order inside his truck and went out to deliver it.

We work in pairs from a small truck. We drove at the beginning of our day and got off to put the letters in the mailboxes; then we return to the van to go to the next area.

During the pandemic, Jon’s routine has changed dramatically.

Now I cannot go to the office, this is to minimize contact and maintain social distance. Paul, my co-worker, has to go in and get all the mail ready on his own and load the truck. He drives home and leaves my bags for me, and I have to work from there using a cart. I feel a little lonely because I am used to seeing it every time we move to a new area. We both share jokes and laughter.

Clients are being affected a bit by the confinement.

I still see and talk to them from a distance, but it feels a lot less personal. Because I have gotten to know my clients on a personal level, I have noticed the change since closing and how it is affecting them.

Every year Matson participated in the Boxing Day Dip, an event in which people have to dress up and swim in the North Sea; that’s why he already had some costumes at home, and due to this situation he decided to use them again at work, to try to make people laugh a little when they saw him and forget about the problems.