Puppy entered the police station to “tell them” that he was lost

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It seems that man’s best friend is getting smarter, and he has already learned – like the good boy he is – what he should do if he suddenly does not remember how to return home.

Officers at a police station in Odessa, Texas received a hairy visit from Chico, a one-year-old German shepherd dog. The dog arrived at the place at 3:30 in the morning on February 11, with an innocent attitude as if he were lost and asked for help.

According to Sergeant Rusty Martin, when Chico arrived, they noticed that he had a necklace, but the identification plate was lost. The dog stood with its front legs on the counter, as if asking for help. They called the animal rescue services to go for him and, while they waited, the officers had fun throwing him a tennis ball.

But as fast as he got, this fast Chico ran off the station, and nobody could stop him. The night shift officers had a moment of joy with this unexpected visit and told what had happened in a Facebook post.

So this happy boy randomly entered the Police Department reception last night. We are thinking that he wanted to run for a K-9 position after eliminating a Lassie type situation. They gave him a lot of love and attention until he decided it was time for him to leave. He left and after an exhausting search was not found. We are relieved to know that he returned safely to his owner. Chico is welcome at any time.

The owner of the dog, Edward Alvarado, had not realized that his friend had escaped in the early morning, and it was until the next day when one of his nephews showed him the post on social networks and asked him “Is that Chico ?”

Edward returned with Chico to the police station and explained to the officers that he and his canine friend lived nearby, so it is very likely that they will see this dog wandering around the neighbourhood again.