Quarantine can alter your menstrual cycle and you didn’t know it

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The health contingency that everyone goes through due to COVID-19 is affecting the lives of everyone in various ways, but now we will talk specifically about women.

And it is that although you do not believe it, having made drastic changes from one day to the next in our life has made modifications in our body, and one of them is that of our menstrual cycle.

What factors influence it?

It is due to the inactivity experienced in quarantine, adding to it factors such as stress, physical or mental changes, psychological and cultural situations that do have an impact on our menstrual cycle.

How can I know if my cycle is altered?

There are different factors that we must observe in detail to know if our cycle is being affected by this situation, and that is why we share this information with you.

Do you know what stress is?

First of all, we must know that stress is a state of mental fatigue due to the demand for higher performance than our body is giving, which, together with psychological, emotional, and physical factors can generate great changes in our body.

Effects of stress

Many of us know the effects of stress or identify certain factors in our day to day when we are in the time of exams or delivery of projects, but they are superficial, so I share with you those that are completely related to your menstrual cycle.

  • Delay: We must bear in mind that all cycles are different, but a regular one is from 28 to 30 days, with limits of 21 and 35 days, and the bleeding days range from 3 to 7 days, so if your period comes after those ranges is considered a menstrual delay.
  • Amenorrhea: Many women experience the absence of the menstrual cycle, which is known as amenorrhea, and in case it happens for more than 3 consecutive cycles, you should go to a specialist.
  • Variation of menstrual flow: Another factor that is affected by stress is menstrual flow, and it may be that it is greater or less than what you regularly have.
  • Breakthrough bleeding: In addition to those already mentioned, another factor that you may notice if your cycle is being altered is a small amount of bleeding that lasts 2 to 4 days between periods, in much less quantity than you usually have.

Eliminate stress and its symptoms

In addition to the specific symptoms of stress in the menstrual cycle, you can identify it in other ways, so if you are tired most of the time, you have sudden mood swings, you feel nervous, hyperactive or you have a headache or muscle pain, it is time to eliminate all that from your body, and here are some tips for it:

  • Sleep well: Now more than ever, you must keep your sleep routine as normal as possible. Try not to wake up and rest well at night; This will help you eliminate certain stress factors, such as tiredness or a bad mood.
  • Take a hot bath: Giving yourself those 15 minutes of maximum relaxation before the end of the day is important, and one way is to take a hot bath. Let your muscles relax and go to bed clean and, above all, relaxed.
  • Exercise: Many times, we cannot fall asleep because our body has a lot of energy, and it is because we don’t spend it all, so exercise, move your body; your muscles will thank you.
  • Meditate: After the hot bath and just before bed, meditate for at least 10 minutes; This will give you enormous peace, and you can feel better.
  • Drink tea: If you are a coffee fan, I am sorry to say that for now, you should leave it and replace it with tea or infusions; They will help you relax and focus on your daily activities without that dose of caffeine.
  • Do things you like: We always complain because we don’t have enough time to do all the activities we want, and now is when you have all that time, so take up all those hobbies or activities that fascinate you but before you couldn’t do it.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard: Rest, don’t push yourself more than what you’re already doing; some things get out of your hands, and you cannot control them, so dedicate yourself and your well-being.