Quarantine proves that the planet needs a breather

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The risk of transmission by Covid-19 is forcing governments to protect their population until an effective solution is found to combat the disease or, well, a vaccine. In some countries, the police ensure that the inhabitants remain at home and only go out to get food.

They have even closed their borders so that the spread decreases. The good thing about this situation? The Earth seems to be resting.

In certain parts, a great decrease in pollution has been noted, especially in those places where, generally, the concentration of tourists is very high. The sky is turning bluer, smog-freee; river water is clearing, and garbage has decreased.

The canals of Venice are being cleaned.

The lack of tourists and traffic from the boats that circulate daily through the Venetian channels has been having a positive effect, and local residents are noticing that the city’s water has better quality, in addition to looking cleaner and crystalline; you can even see the fish swimming, something that doesn’t happen every day.

Air pollution in Italy is decreasing.

The European satellite Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor detected that the nitrogen dioxide commonly seen in northern Italy, due to industrial activity and car use, is dropping considerably, which means that the air is not being cleaned much little by little.

On the other hand, in Spain air quality has been declared “very good” thanks to the fact that people stopped using their vehicles; This is the answer to having clean air, right?

China has big reductions in pollution.

China was the epicenter of the disease and is one of the most polluted countries on the planet, but according to the Energy Research Center, during the period of isolation, emissions decreased by 25%, a figure that had not been reached. in several decades.

This quarantine is showing us that the planet already needed a break from so much hustle to clean its air and water. Once the situation ends or is controlled, the ideal would be to reduce the use of automobiles so that the Earth continues to heal.