Red wine is the solution for anxiety and stress: study

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Believe it or not, being an adult woman has its advantages because, in addition to responsibilities such as paying bills, exercising, going to school or work and trying not to die, there are all other activities and people who compliment us and make the obligations more enjoyable, because your heartthrob, friends, and family help you stay cheerful and with a good face for the world.

However, on many occasions, stress and sad days can be more with us, especially in our Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Although that is normal, there are more pleasant methods to feel better, so we recommend that you smooth your corkscrew and a glass. Well, here is the solution you expected.

Advantages of red wine

In addition to being a rich beverage option when dining Italian food, red wine has certain health benefits, as it helps in weight loss and lowering cholesterol, as well as delaying aging. And now, we know that you can control the symptoms of anxiety and depression, thanks to a study conducted at the University of Buffalo, New York, and the University of Medicine in Xuzhou, China.

How does wine help in anxiety and depression?

Basically, it is due to resveratrol, a component found in the skin of some fruits with which wine is made, such as raspberries, blackberries, and mostly black grapes. And according to the study led by Dr. Ying Xu, this drink is more effective than the medications taken by patients with such disorders.

Ideal for relaxing

Although the study proved to have a positive result, we must remember that wine is an alcoholic beverage and should be taken without excesses and in a moderate way because otherwise, you can fall into an addiction, so it is recommended to drink Just a glass of wine to relax after having a day of stress and anxiety. So enjoy a chapter of your favorite series and cheers!