Rihanna donates $ 2.1 million to help women during quarantine

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The coronavirus quarantine has opened our eyes to an alarming reality, as calls to shelters for women victims of domestic violence have increased by up to 60% because those affected were confined at home with their attackers.

Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile and the United States have registered an increase in requests for help and the shelters are crowded, so they cannot allow more people to enter, leaving many in a vulnerable situation.

Women are not alone

Through the Clara Lionel Foundation, the Barbadian singer donated $ 2.1 million to the Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund, and she was joined by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who also earmarked $ 2.1 million for the cause.

This money will serve to give, for 10 weeks, food, psychological help and shelter away from their abusers to the victims in the American city. But this donation is just the beginning of a campaign that seeks to cover the entire country.

Together we are stronger

This is not the first time that Riri has reached out to the less fortunate. A few days ago she and Jay-Z helped $ 2 million to undocumented workers, children of medical personnel who are collaborating against the pandemic, homeless, elderly and prisoners in New York and Los Angeles.

In early March, the foundation also helped vulnerable marginalized communities in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa with $ 5 million, and with associations such as Feeding America and the COVID-19 Response Fund of the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. World Health Organization, among others.

Rihanna also cares about hers

A couple of weeks ago the artist’s father, Ronald Fenty, was affected by the virus and spent 14 days in an isolation center, so to help him cope with the disease, Rihanna sent him a ventilator and was on the lookout for him, every day until he finally recovered.

To be honest, I thought I was going to die. I have to say that I love my daughter, she has done a lot for me and I appreciate her very much, says her father.