Russia will punish those who do not respect quarantine and walk in the street with 5 years in prison

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To prevent a massive spread of coronavirus in his country, the government of President Vladimir Putin is taking very drastic measures.

It is known that there is resistance on the part of the citizens of the world to remain in quarantine in their homes, so in Russia, they decided to arrest whoever walks in the street and now they will not only be locked up for a few weeks but 5 years and in prison.

But not everything is punishment, although in truth, it is a matter of social conscience and no government should have the need to apply this type of measure, but anyway.

As in China, where they built a hospital in just a few days, the Russian government also announced that it would do the same, and the Moscow Department of Public Works said that work has already started.

It is a hospital with a capacity for 500 patients who will have their bed connected to a respirator. It will be located on an area of ​​43 hectares 50 kilometers from the center of the Russian capital.

It will not only be a care center like any other, but it will be specialized, with resuscitation areas, special areas for children, and operating rooms.

A little more than 116 million dollars will be invested in the construction of the building as well as the communication routes that allow it an adequate connection, and the expectation is to build it in record time.

Although it will be near a residential area, the authorities assure that this does not imply any risk for the population.

Those who are infected by the coronavirus and go out into the street, and this leads to the infection and death of another person are those who will receive 5 years in prison.

Russia has been one of the first countries to apply drastic measures in the face of the pandemic, such as closing borders and limiting flights, and now it seems that it will continue to harden its actions.

It’s better to stay a couple of weeks in the comfort of home than to spend five years in a cold Russian prison, or is it?