Sad moment when a father with coronavirus says goodbye to his children and his wife

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“Don’t be an idiot, just stay home” his words in the face of the pandemic

In the UK, 11,658 people have already been registered with the disease and 578 deaths so far.

For Matt Dockray, it happened this way, who at the beginning of his coronavirus picture only had “mild symptoms.” In his words, ” I was sick for three weeks, from a small cough the day I watched soccer at Wembley on March 1, to chills, fever, and headache when we opened our new store in London.”

“Day by day, I felt like I had a hangover, but I continued like a true hero, ignoring all the family advice .”

“The doctors asked me if I had been to China, and my negative answer was enough to ignore that it was Covid-19. They told me I might have a seasonal virus and prescribed some antibiotics just in case.”

“I didn’t get off the couch for the next five days, and I was struggling to stay awake and breathe properly.”

Dockray went on to need an artificial respirator, and just before he was sedated, he was able to write a message to his children, his wife, and anyone else he could read to warn what can happen to them if they don’t take care of themselves.

“I am currently in an intensive care unit, my lungs are failing, and now I am waiting to be sedated and put on a respirator.”

“They are going to call my wife and my family and explain that they would have to put me to sleep, and then put me on a ventilator, since my lungs were failing and they would have a respiratory arrest.”

“Waiting for them to sedate me gives me the opportunity to warn each and every one of you that you think you are invincible, or that you are breaking all the advice to leave without reason.”

“Every hour, I see rooms marked with a laminated red rose, identifying critics with Covid-19, empty as her family says goodbye through the glass. “