Sandra Bullock has secretly donated millions to help in disasters and no one had noticed

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Sandra Bullock recently caught the attention of the media as she donated half a million dollars to charity. Half were received by The Human Society and the other half by the International Red Cross, all for the benefit of California fire victims.

Sandra Bullock’s actions surprised several. Her great gesture was applauded by everyone in that moment of need.

Only those who really know the actress know that this is not the first time that she has done something altruistically since she has been supporting various causes for years without publishing anything about it:

In 2001, after the Twin Towers bombing, she and other celebrities funded a clean-up and rescue group to help people who were searching through the rubble. Then in a telethon organized to raise funds for the 9/11 recovery, she donated $ 1 million of her own money.

In 2004, during the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Sandra dedicated herself to donating another million dollars, which she joined with another three million Swiss francs to help those affected.

In 2005, during the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the Actress donated again to the Red Cross to support in their work. They delivered more than 68 million meals and helped more than one million families with funds to solve the catastrophe. She also donated 25,000 to the reconstruction of Warren Eason School, it was the oldest school in New Orleans, and the hurricane was destroyed.

In 2010, the Haiti earthquake claimed more than 300,000 victims and left other people with virtually no place to live. Bullock once again donated $ 1 million to the organization “Doctors without Borders” to support that the inhabitants have access to health.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan was the largest the country has ever witnessed and the fourth largest on record worldwide. This catastrophe left 15,000 confirmed deaths, and 2,500 could never be found. Bullock again donated a million dollars to victims who lost someone in this earthquake.

The actress’s charity has been seen on many occasions, but she has not wanted to use any donation to advertise herself, she does it from the heart. Share Sandra’s great love for her neighbor.