She could not buy her graduation gown so her brother made one

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We all dream of the day of our graduation because there will be no more homework, we will say goodbye to the exams, but most importantly: we will have our graduation party, where we will look like goddesses with our dream dress and dance until dawn.

And although that idea sounds great, the truth is that for many girls the latter is complicated, and that is the case of Lu Asey, a girl from the Philippines who dreamed of attending her prom, but her parents did not have enough money to rent a dress; However, that was not an impediment, since her brother came to the rescue and the result was impressive.

Her brother, the best fairy godmother

Lu Asey insisted to his parents that he wanted to attend the prom, but unfortunately, they did not have enough money to rent a dress, so Maverick Francisco Oyao, Lu’s brother, assured her that he could do one much cheaper than the cost of the other, so Lu Asey accepted and Maverick got down to work.

Never too late to learn

Although Maverick did not know anything about making dresses, he did not care and began devoting much of his day to watching videos on YouTube on how to design and sew, so that later he dedicated himself to looking for models of dance dresses, inspired mainly by the spring and summer collection of Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco, until he managed to have the dress sketch.

Some friends helped with the dress

Although they were not going to need a lot of money for the dress, some of the materials were a bit expensive, but with the help of friends of the two, Maverick was able to buy everything necessary to start, so in the end, the dress ended up costing barely 60 dollars.

He is an artist by birth

Contrary to what you probably think, Maverick did an excellent job with Lu’s dress, because he painted the strapless by hand putting into practice his learning in art education.

He made the skirt details

After painting the strapless, he devoted himself completely to the details of the pieces of the skirt, which, although it seemed simple, took a long time.

The flowers were beautiful

Thanks to the fact that they still had enough time to do everything he had put in the sketch, he was able to assemble the flowers himself, demonstrating that it doesn’t take much to do something wonderful.

He needed little to finish it

Everything was getting perfect, although the truth is that it was not so similar to the sketch, but that did not matter because Maverick could see the emotion and illusion of his sister every time he tried it to make some adjustments.

The final details made the difference

Once finished, not only Maverick loved it, but Lu Asey was more excited than ever, and with good reason, the end result was impressive and very beautiful.

The best Valentine’s Day

The school dance was dated February 14, so the dress was the best gift Lu could have received for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, she did not win the prize for the best dressed, but her outfit was one of the best and most striking, so Maverick was not only proud of what he had achieved, but immensely happy to see his sister making one of her dreams come true.