She donates a kidney to her best friend to save her life

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Friendship means brotherhood and loyalty, which is best known by best friends Helen Ashley and Lauren Franklin. Since she was a child, Helen lives with kidney failure, but over the years, the disease has worsened so much that her body needed a transplant to continue her life.

The waiting list to receive a kidney from a deceased donor was very long. For that reason, her best friend, Lauren, volunteered. As it was a living donor, doctors made everything work perfectly.

The transplant was a success

Lauren was a living donor, making it difficult for the kidney to adapt to her friend’s body, but they took a chance and underwent the procedure. The transplant was a success, and the girls recovered well.

Days later, Lauren walked through the hospital

In a social media post, Helen said the procedure was simple and that Lauren was walking through the Trafford Center days after the operation as if nothing had happened:

It was a relatively simple operation for her. Three days after being in bed at the hospital, I walked as if nothing had happened; On the fourth day, she had been discharged and was already back at home.

Helen could only thank, for such a noble act

My best friend is absolutely wonderful, and she gave me the most selfless gift of the life of all: she donated one of her kidneys to me.

Lauren now has a few weeks off at work but, apart from that, the operation does not affect her. She has just married and plans to continue shaping her career, which she built since she was 25, and plans to have babies in the future.

I am spreading this story as a way to express my gratitude towards my friend. I hope to encourage others and show them that there are some diamonds left in the world. I have one of them.

Fortunately, Helen could find a donor

There are currently more than 4,600 patients in the United States on a waiting list for kidney transplantation.

We only need one kidney to live a healthy life, so there are no real side effects for the donor. With Lauren’s gift, I can continue living life with an abundance of energy, and I can be able to have a family, which would not have been possible without a new kidney, and to progress in my career without the weekly interruptions of visits to the hospital for dialysis.