She got a horrible Homer tattoo just because she was bored in quarantine

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Boredom is bringing out the worst in us in times of quarantine and is making us do a lot of stupid things that we wouldn’t otherwise do, like cutting our hair, by the way, I don’t recommend.

And while some decide to reveal the hairdresser that they carry inside, a 22-year-old girl has just made herself the most horrendous Homero Simpson tattoo (or perhaps the most brilliant, I still have not decided) they have seen.

She herself shared the worst mistake of her life through Twitter, and her tragic story soon went viral, because apparently people enjoy the suffering of others.

The young woman relates that during the isolation, she went through a period of boredom where she came up with the great idea of ​​tattooing the face of the yellow father of a family since she seemed like a simple figure. The problem is that she is not a good cartoonist.

I just got an absolutely terrifying Homer Simpson tattoo because I was bored, and I’m barely understanding that he’ll be with me forever. Look at the state of it.

The tattoo was baptized as the “Corona Simpson” and many people felt identified with the appearance of the character, commenting on things like: “I love it, it looks as uncertain as we do in these times.” Another congratulated her and added that “abstract art should not be explained.”

One user even improved it by adding color, so that it looked more like Homer and not like a shapeless tattoo:

One more imagined what this character would look like from the front, and yes, it is scary:

So ladies and gentlemen, the moral of this story is that no matter how boring this quarantine is, don’t do stupid, permanent things.